Concert review: Hypocrisy, Kataklysm co-headliner-tour, Stockholm Fryshuset, 7th November 2018

In October last year (2018), the Swedish Death Metal band Hypocrisy kicked of their first tour after they stopped touring back in 2014. I became a fan of Hypocrisy in around 2016. That means I have never been to one of their shows before. Moreover, I think most of us have experience in finding an awesome band and when you look up their tour dates, you realize they are not touring anymore. That was what happened to me. However, I then watched a livestream with the founder and front man Peter Tägtgren who said that they would be back. I cannot even describe how happy I became. I rushed to the computer and ordered tickets as fast as I could.


The gig that I decided to go to was the one in the Swedish capital Stockholm since I live 40–60 minutes from the city. Fryshuset is split into two different venues, the club and the arena. Hypocrisy’s show took place in the club, which was cool. However, I will get back to that later. So when the big day arrived after ALOT of waiting I grabbed my Marduk t-shirt and went to school and I was extremely hyped for what was about to happen. When we arrived in Stockholm and where outside the venue we were shocked. Because we were in time but we could not see anyone anywhere. No people, no signs, barely any cars outside the venue. However, after a bit of searching and thinking we finally found where to go with the help of two security guards (thank you). When we entered the room where the stage was I got shocked (again I know). Even when we stood in the doorframe, we came very close to the stage. The first band that was going on the stage in a few minutes was The Spirit.



1: extremely bad, dont see this band live ever

2: Wow this really sucked

3: this is bad but has some decent things in it

4: Not impressed but its not that bad

5: 50–50 not that good but not bad

6: this is good

7: This is really good

8: wow this is great

9: This is awesome! If you get the chance to see them live, Do it!

10: This is pure awesomeness! I have absolutely no complains atall.

OBS: The following verdicts below is verdicts of this specific show and not the bands in general.



Sounds From the Vortex

Cosmic Fear

Fields of the Unknown

Cross the Bridge to Eternity

Illuminate the Night Sky

The Clouds of Damnation

The Spirit is a Black/Death Metal band from Germany. Their sound have been compared with bands like Dissection. Their gig was far from best of the three bands but they were not bad. They did not have ANY sort of contact with the (small) crowd that where present. The drums did not seem like they were sound checked properly or something because they sounded very weak. In this kind of music, you want the drums to blow your mind. They had a short setlist, but despite that, I lost interest after half the time. After the last song, they just walked of the stage without saying anything or showing the horns or anything. They just left. We began discussing whether they would come back or not but they did not. I do not think they are bad but I did not enjoy the show that much.

Verdict 4/10




The Black Sheep


Thy Serpents Tongue

10 Seconds From the End


As i Slither

Crippled & Broken


Manipulator of Souls

In Shadows & Dust

…And Then I Saw Blood

Blood in Heaven

At the Edge of the World

Now sh*t is about to get real. The next band that was playing was the first headliner. The Canadian Death Metal band Kataklysm. I had never heard these people before (with a YouTube video as exception before the show) but I wanted to give them a chance by seeing them live. The drums where much better with Kataklysm and you could really feel every strike from those drums. The opening song ”Narcissist” with the drums, Holy sh*t. The front man Maurizio Lacono was great and very funny from time to time. Since this was on a Wednesday, he took the time to thank us in the audience that we were there despite the fact that it was in the middle of the week. I really enjoyed this show.

Verdict 8/10



Fractured Millenium

Valley of the Damned

The End of Disclosure

Adjusting the Sun


Pleasure of Molestation / Osculum Obscenum / Penetralia (Medley)

Fire in the Sky


Killing Art


The Final Chapter

The Gathering

Roswell 47

The Swedish Death Metal band Hypocrisy. With a front man who is a complete genius and mastermind. This is what I had been waiting for the whole time, which honestly took away some from the Kataklysm gig for me. The setlist was amazing. There is however some songs that I wanted to hear for example ”Apocalypse / The Fourth Dimension” Medley or Tales of Thy Spineless. These guys made a really good return. Yet there was some things that could have been done better. For example, when I listened to the guitars in some songs it was hard to even hear what song they were playing (and I am a huge hypocrisy fan). However, after a few seconds it just like ”poof” and I could clearly hear which song it was. I have no idea why this happened and again this occurred only in some songs for example: Valley of the Damned and War-path. If you have not seen Hypocrisy live you should definitely do so because I had a blast.

Verdict 9/10


Overall, this was great. Some small things could have been done better and the openers did not impress me. There were no doubt which ones were headliners because they were great. If I were going to give this show a verdict, overall I would probably give it:

Verdict 9/10


Reviewing underground Metal bands, hopefully giving them more exposure. The name “TheMetalizer” is taken from Sabaton’s album “Metalizer” (2007).

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Reviewing underground Metal bands, hopefully giving them more exposure. The name “TheMetalizer” is taken from Sabaton’s album “Metalizer” (2007).